Other Seminar Locations

Our seminars are free and there are absolutely no sales pitches made at these sessions. That’s a guarantee. We do need an accurate headcount so please click on one of the links to RSVP. Thank you!

Some of the subjects covered:

      • Roles of the Lender/Mortgage Broker
      • Credit
      • Pre-Approval
      • Roles of the Real Estate Agent
      • Searching for Properties
      • Contracts
      • Negotiation
      • Closing

Here are some questions that were asked during a home buyers seminar last month:

    • How much can I afford?
    • Can I get a loan to cover rehab costs?
    • When should we talk to a lender?
    • What are lender fees? What’s the norm?
    • What are points?
    • Is the downpayment different from closing costs?
    • Why do people get into ARM’s vs. Fixed loans (good question especially right now)?
    • What can I do to get my credit score higher?
    • Can we still get a home if one of us has great credit and the other has not so great credit?
    • Where do I start in the negotiation process?
    • Does earnest money show the seller how serious the buyer is?